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Our Family Table was born from the desire of keeping our own family a little closer together. In these busy days, families are spread so far apart, maybe even in different countries! We created this site to give families like ours a safe place to come, easily communicate, and enjoy each other's lives.

All of is in a password protected area. Your information is safe here. Once inside your family will have many options available.

Immediately you'll find the message center. This is where you can drop a quick note or greeting to any family member.

You'll also find an interactive family tree where you can enter and follow your family down any branch you'd like. You can even go backwards, documenting your family's past generations.

Also included is a family blog. Already set up, it's ready for you to personalize, and get blogging. Since it supports several authors, any of your family members can easily communicate with the whole family.

Coming soon is a photo album where your whole family can easily come to see that new baby, how much the kids have grown or any other precious pictures you'd like to share.

There's also a calendar, where you can keep track of birthdays, wedding anniversaries, holidays, and even mark the day dear Grandpa passed on. All events reoccurring up to five years!

Oh, and we can't forget the family data base that allows easy printing of addresses, birthdays, and anniversaries. Just about anything you can think of. No more worrying about out of date address books! Simply search for a family member's name, and you'll be given all their contact info.

All of this is right here, waiting to bring your family closer together, and make their lives a little less hectic.